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Mutt Mats are the cornerstone product of our company and are a
favorite with pet owners from coast to coast. They are constructed
of sturdy cotton fabric and quilted to a premium polyester batting.  
They come in a variety of colors and sizes.   The embroidered Mutt
Mats logo patch ensures it's authenticity and each mat comes
rolled and tied with a handy travel cord.  The entire mat can be
machine washed and dried.
Attention Trainers
Here's a product you will be proud to offer your students as part of your
training program.  Trainers all across the country are using Mutt Mats in
their "go-to-place" training, and their students love them.  

Boarding Kennels, Day Care Facilities, etc.
If you have a retail area in your facility, why not become a Mutt Mats
Dealer and boost you retail sales.  Mutt Mats make an attractive addition to
your retail area  and have been a pet owner favorite for years.

Mutt Mats are a welcome change for use as Trophies and Awards for all
types of clubs and organizations.  They are also a great means of Fund
Raising for any group.
Mutt Mats
The Mutt Mats Company
This item is available at wholesale prices to our Professional clients,
for resale to their customers!!  
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