Sold Only To Professional Clients
For Pets with Special Needs or Upscale Kennel Bedding.
Not for sale on the website - Please call to place your order.
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24 x 36 x 5
30 x 48 x 5
The Cover:
The cover is made of sturdy cotton fabric which is quilted to premium
polyester batting.  All sides of the cover are actually 2 ply in thickness,
making it one of our most durable products, and the cover is zippered on
3 sides for easy removal of the mattress (or filling of your choice which
you supply).
The Mattress with Liner:
The mattress is made of 4" furniture grade foam, which is covered with a
liquid resistant zip-off liner that protects the foam from being soiled.  The
liner is made of a semi-permeable fabric which allows air to pass from the
inside out, (which eliminates the ballooning effect of plastic or vinyl),  while
resisting liquid from passing from the outside in.  It is not "waterproof" but
does a good job of protecting the foam from being soiled due to accidents
if noticed within a reasonable time frame.
Boarding Kennels, Pet Resorts, Day Care Facilities
If the ultimate in comfort is what you want to provide, this is the product!!!  
Soft, durable, and easily maintained by removing the cover to be machine
washed and dried.  A popular item for luxury suite bedding.

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals
A real comfort for those geriatric and orthopedic pets who have special
The Mutt Mats Company
The Ken-L-Mattress was designed for those geriatric and orthopedic
pets who have special comfort needs.  It has also become popular
bedding for many pet resorts.  The larger size fits a standard toddler bed
frame.  They come in a variety of colors, and like all Mutt Mat products,
the cover can be machine washed and dried.

The Ken-L-Mattress is comprised of 2 components; the "Cover" and the
"Mattress", and each are sold separately.
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