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Ken-L-Mats are by far the product of choice by our Professional clients
for their own in-house use.  They are constructed to the same high
standard as our Mutt Mats, using sturdy cotton fabric quilted to premium
polyester batting, but are more utilitarian in looks and in price!!!  They
come with the same solid color fabric used on both top and bottom, with
no logo patch or travel cord.  
They provide comfortable bedding
when used directly on the kennel floor, and make a great top
cushion for "off-the-floor" frames.

Ken-L-Mats are available in a limited color selection which changes time
to time.  We try to always maintain 3-4 colors in stock, and you can select
the color(s) you prefer when placing your order.

Ken-L-Mats have withstood extensive testing for their durability, including
high temperature washing, even when exposed to bleach and blood
cleaner.  You'll not find a more durable product.
The Mutt Mats Company
Boarding Kennels, Day Care Facilities, Pet Resorts, etc.
If durable, comfortable, easy-to-care-for bedding at an economical price
is what you're looking for, look no further.  Our Ken-L-Mats have proven
their worth in the industry for over 30 years.  Kennel life can be tough, but
the Ken-L-Mat has proven it can stand up to the everyday rigors of this
environment.  Make them the product of choice for your facility.

Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals
Ken-L-Mats are not only useful as bedding, where boarding in clinics is
available, but have also been found useful in specific clinical
environments as well.  They make a welcome addition (from the pet's
point of view) to the top of any cold, hard, stainless steel exam table.  
They have been used as cover for recovering patients to keep them
warm after surgery, and even make a pretty handy stretcher for moving
immobilized pets on and off the exam table.
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