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Leslie McDevitt, MLA CDBC CPDT
author of Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog, voted IIACABC Best
Dog           Training Book of 2007, Clean Run Productions
""Mat work" is an important part of my Control Unleashed training system, which is designed to teach focus
and relaxation to performance dogs that get overstimulated or stressed at events.  I started hearing about
Mutt Mats from Control Unleashed students across the country who are using them for their mat work.  After
trying Mutt Mats with my own dogs, I too have become a fan.  They are perfect for mat work, comfortable for
the dogs, sturdy, easily carried, and whether you are using a mat in a broader training system or just using
one for the "go to place" behavior, you can't go wrong with a Mutt Mat."

Nancy French
Dog Sense Unlimited
Rockville, MD
"We LOVE Mutt Mats!  Dog Sense has been using Mutt Mats for decades.  We even created a specific
obedience command that we teach all our clients using Mutt Mats.  Mutt Mats are
so easy to launder--entire
loads dry quickly and last through years of washings.  I still have my original Mutt Mat from the early 1980's!  It
is fraying around the edges, but still in good shape.  They stay flat and don't slide or bunch up when the dogs
are laying on them.  The variety of colors give people the choice to match their decor, or their dog, or just pick
their favorites.  They are wonderfully portable and are great to take traveling, ideal at outdoor concerts,
handy in the car, perfect to cushion a crate, a protective barrier for the sofa, useful to drip dry and sop up
excess water from a wet dog, a safe healthy place to lay at the Vet's, an easy trick to contain the shedding
when visiting non-doggy friends, a lovely decoration that keeps your carpet from smelling doggy - the ways to
use Mutt Mats are endless!  I'll say it again - we LOVE Mutt Mats!  Thank you for a fantastic product."

Karen Shirk, Executive Director
4 Paws for Ability, Inc.
Dayton, OH
"Our agency has been using Mutt Mats for over 5 years.  As an agency that trains and places service dogs
with disabled children, we have used the mats for the "Place" command, where the dog knows to stay on the
mat until released.  A few years ago, we also began using the Ken-L-Mats in our training facility for the dog's
crates and the Giant size Mutt Mats are the perfect fit for our whelping boxes and make a nice flat surface
across the bottom which the puppies are not able to get under to be accidentally smothered.  The quality of
this product is excellent and they hold up very well.  In fact, I personally use the Ken-L-Mattress beds in my
home, my Great Dane loves them.  They are so easy to change and the mattress cover is so thick and well
made, the dogs are not able to destroy them when scratching at them to "fix" their beds.  Before using Mutt
Mats, we used sheets and towels which bunched up in the crate corners and when trying to use them for
"place", they were hard to spread out.  The thickness to the Mutt Mat makes it easy to lay out on the ground,
even for someone with limited use of their hands and they stay put in the bottom of the crate for easier crate
clean up and provide better comfort for the dogs.  So PAWS UP Mutt Mats, we are certainly happy with your

Kenneth Terrell, Master Trainer
K-9 University
Douglas, MA
"My company, K-9 University, has used and sold Mutt Mats for years.  Our clients love their durability and
ease of cleaning.  We recommend Mutt Mats to all our clients."

Jamie F., Library Technician from Northern California
"Mutt Mats have proven extremely valuable to my Read to a Dog program.  The dogs and their human
handlers that volunteer for us love the versatility and the designation of their own space at our facilities when
using the Mutt Mats.  We wouldn't trade our Mutt Mats for anything!"

Sarah Thompson
Owner, Lucky Dog Lodge
Oklahoma City, OK
"I own a large animal care facility and have been a Ken-L-Mats customer since 2001.  The product is well
made and easy to clean (even if you have piles of them!).  The Mutt Mats Company is always available,
always helpful, and ship their orders right away.  Ken-L-Mats are a must if you own or operate a kennel